Rustins Quick Dry Matt Masonry Paint Low Odour available in 4 Colours 500 ml

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Rustins Quick Dry Masonry Paint Low Odour available in 4 Colours 250 ml Matt Finish

For 250 ml please check product code 212611

Rustins Quick Dry Masonry Paint is a quick drying high performance paint that dries to a smooth matt finish. For interior and exterior use on masonry applications such as walls, cement, stone, tiles and bricks. Touch dry in 30 minutes and can be recoated in 2 3 hours. Covers 14 square meters per liter per coat.


Product Quick Dry Masonry Paint
Type A high quality acrylic matt masonry paint available in black, white, red and cream.
Intended Use For use on sound, dry exterior masonry surfaces.
Special Features Quick drying and formulated for ease of application and good exterior durability.
Surfaces must be sound, clean, dry and free from dust, dirt and contaminants likely to affect
adhesion. Remove any existing finish, which may be flaking and remove any loose particles
and mortar. Fill cracks and repair damaged pointing. Surfaces showing signs of
efflorescence (white crystals on the surface) should be brushed down and a coat of Alkaliresisting
Primer must then be applied and allowed to dry before applying Rustins Masonry Paint.
No Primer is required if fresh mortar has been applied to the pointing and if painting new
brick work. If applying to existing painted surfaces test for compatibility as if not compatible it
may flake off. Do not apply to areas where there is persistent damp.
Use a large brush and apply evenly. Apply paint liberally, making sure the surface is covered
completely. Do not apply when temperatures are below 10 C, in conditions of high humidity or
when there is a risk of rain.
Coats 1 coat is usually sufficient. A second coat may be applied if required.
Drying Time Approximately 30 minutes, depending on temperature and humidity.
Re-coating Time Approximately 4 hours depending on ambient conditions.
Application Temp. Ideally 15-25°C. Do not apply if rain imminent.
Coverage 14 sq.metres per litre 1 coat.
The surface may be washed with a mild detergent solution and a scrubbing brush and recoated
if necessary.
Compatibility May be applied over other paints but test for compatibility as the paint may flake off if not
Settlement STIR VERY WELL BEFORE AND DURING USE or the product may dry with a satin finish.
Shelf-life/Storage Many years if stored in original tightly closed container in normal conditions.
Keep out of reach of children. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. After contact with
skin, wash immediately with plenty of soap and water or a proprietary skin cleanser. A full Safety
Data Sheet is available upon request or on Rustins Web site.
Clean-Up Remove excess product from brushes before cleaning. Clean brushes whilst wet with water.
Hard brushes can be cleaned with Brush Restorer.


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