Rats are a wide spread problem throughout the country and present a threat to you and your home. Rats can destroy the wiring in your home and cause damage to the structure of the property. Rats no longer carry the plague, but they do carry Leptospirosis, or Weil’s disease, which can be fatal to humans. Rats in your property tend to be found where there is a food source and moisture. The food source could be in your cupboards, waste bags on the floor, pet food left out or leftovers. Rats carry viral and infectious pathogens which are left upon surfaces they move across

Mice are a common pest throughout the country causing damage and spreading disease. They find ways into properties, and once they are in the warmth they will not want to leave. Mice may seem cute, however be warned as mice spread infections like salmonella.

Knowing which mouse control products to buy to get rid of rats and mice can seem quite confusing, especially with so many different mouse and rat killer products on the market.

Our selective Pest control range includes various formulations of mouse poison, numerous types of mouse traps, including mouse glue traps, electronic mouse traps and of course ultrasonic mouse repellers. These products are quit effective and can help eradicate rats and mice from your property.