About Us

We are your local hardware store. We stock over 5000 different DIY products in our neighbourhood retail outlet. Our main aim is to keep our prices as low as possible.  We are Rite Fix DIY. A right choice for right prices. Surely a combination of affordability and quality.

Are you thinking about decorating your bedroom or modernising your bathroom ? 

Are you trying to enhance your garden?

Do you need any help getting rid of pests like: rodents, cockroaches, Bed Bugs, Flea’s or other insects ?

Have you got any DIY project planned ?

Our stock ranges from plumbing equipment, electrical and kitchen appliances to power tools, locks and door handles, and DIY pest control products. so if your answer to any of the previous questions was yes then come to us for free impartial DIY advice, quality products and a great service.

You’re going to save money with DIY home improvement projects. Sure, everybody knows that. But did you know how much ? Cut the professionals out of the equation and you can save half the cost of a project. What’s more, you get a great return on your investment. Meaning, the financial value you get out of a DIY project is much more than what you put in.

Nevertheless, going DIY is the ultimate money-saving tool. You’ll also get tons of satisfaction and enjoyment from creating a better home environment and learning home improvement skills that’ll last a lifetime.

The next best move is to BIY your project — buy-it-yourself. With a BIY project, you do the research, shopping, and purchasing of materials and save the contractor’s mark up.