Raco Pro Paste Rat and Mouse Killer Targets Rodents Fast 72 x 10g Sachets

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Raco Pro Paste Rat and Mouse Killer Targets Rodents Fast. 72 x 10 gram Paste Sachets with glove

New and deadly effective products for controlling rats and mice! LODI have launched a new range of paste products which contain over 15 different types of mulched cereals mixed together with peanut butter oils. 
This highly attractive mix is formulated into a ‘teabag’ type sachet that can be placed near mouse and rat infestations. The scent of the oils will quickly encourage the rodents to feed on the bait and ensure faster control than most other competitor products. A new and exciting product that will ensure that customers come back to you to buy more.

  • Exciting bait produced using 15 different types of mulched grains and peanut butter oils
  • Fast control of infestations
  • A deadly NEW bait
  • Easy to use paste bait
  • Irresistible to rat and mouse
  • Rapid take and fast action
  • Tried - Tested - Trusted
  • Includes 1 x rubber glove for safe bait handling


  • Place bait where there are signs of rodent activity, like fresh droppings, inside or near
  • burrows, runways and feeding places.
  • For rat infestations, use bait points of 60 – 100g.
  • Place bait points 10 metres apart, reducing to 5 metres in cases of high infestation.
  • For mouse infestations use bait points of 10-30g. Place bait points 5m apart, reducing
  • to 3m in cases of high infestation.
  • Protect bait points from non-target animals and from water, preferably using commercially available bait stations.
  • Make frequent inspections of the bait points.
  • Replace any bait that has been eaten by rodents or that has been damaged by water or contaminated by dirt.
  • If all the bait has been eaten in certain areas, increase the quantity of bait by placing  more bait points. Do not increase the bait point size.


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