Rentokil Mouse and Rat Killer Pasta Bait 25 Bait sachets

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A highly palatable, fragrant bait for use against rats and mice in and around the home. Ideal for use when other baits are not successful.
Features and Benefits
Kills rats & mice in and around the home
Simple ready to use bait packs
Rich aroma is attractive to rats and mice
Contains Difenacoum
How to use
Place sachets down according to the label. Bait trays are provided with this product. There is NO need to open the sachets when using this product, the rats and mice will find their way into the bait naturally.
Where to use
Use where rats or mice have been seen - under kitchen units, behind furniture or where rodent droppings have been found.
Rentokil DIY rat products help to get rid of rats in your home or garden, quickly and effectively. They are designed to control small infestations 

Our products range of Rentokil DIY pest control includes rat traps and rat killer, which if used correctly are suitable for use within the home and outdoors. Always read the individual label and product information on the back of the packaging, carefully before use.


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