Bio-Pro Rose Bug Killer RTU Spray 750ml Ultra Plant Protection

  • Bio-Pro Rose Bug Killer RTU Spray 750ml Ultra Plant Protection
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A powerful and innovative bug killer utilising two of the strongest natural ingredients: Pyrethrins which rapidly disable the insect nervous system and fatty acids which break down insect cell membranes. This fast and effective control of nuisance pests allows flowers, fruit and vegetables to reach their full, natural potential.
Bio Pro Rose ready to use will quickly target and control all pests that affect the healthy development of roses and other flowering plants, allowing them to bloom to their full potential. The use of natural ingredients ensures a sustainable balance between fast and effective plant pest control and maintenance of a healthy garden habitat.
Contains two of the strongest natural ingredients for ultimate control of insects
Effective on whitefly, greenfly, blackfly, scale insects, caterpillars, mealybug and spider mite.
Contains no systemic or neonicotinoid chemicals
Contains 0.125g/l Natural pyrethrins / 10.1g/l Fatty acids
Size 750 ml Ready to use
Use for Roses, house and greenhouse plants, shrubs and trees, all year round



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