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10-year Sealed Optical Smoke Alarm

The SA700LUK smoke alarm by First Alert is our best selling product from their battery alarm line. This alarm is the smallest we've seen, and measures a mere 100mm in diameter, and 38mm deep. The loud 85 decibel alarm is perfect for bedroom and living room installation. The long life 10 year battery never needs to be replaced. The tamper resistant case prevents tenants or children from removing the battery. At the end of the 10 year life span, simply replace the unit with another. This alarm is optical sensing, or photoelectric. With this type of alarm, the occurrence of nuisance alarms from steam and cooking activities is greatly reduced compared to the more traditional ionisation technology. In the event a false alarm does sound, the large hush button makes it quick and simple to silence. Optical alarms are designed to detect smouldering fires, and should only be used in bedrooms and living areas. Never use an optical fire alarm near a kitchen or shower room. The 10-Year Sealed Optical Fire Alarm carries the Kitemark, CE Mark, and comes with full instruction manual, sealed lithium battery, fixing screws and a manufacturer's 10 year guarantee. A multitude of features, and an affordable price make this one of our top picks in the home smoke alarm category.

All homes should install both optical and ionisation fire alarms for proper fire detection. We recommend testing the battery of your alarms each week, and replacing any alarm that was installed more than 10 years ago. Manufactured by First Alert (A division of BRK Brands), and shipped in environmentally friendly packaging.


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