Hycote Double Acrylic Spray Paint FORD Aqua Foam Metallic

  • Hycote Double Acrylic Spray Paint FORD Aqua Foam Metallic
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Hycote Double Acrylic Colour Matched paints are different to other aerosol spray paints. The patented formula uniquely uses the propellant as a solvent. This allows a high solid content which in turn provides excellent coverage and a fast drying, high gloss finish. Hycote Double Acrylic Concentrated paint uses the latest resin technology to be compatible with the original paint finish found on modern cars while still being suitable for older, cellulose finishes.Unique ultra-concentrate double acrylic  formulation. Tough and hardwearing. Excellent coverage. Suitable for both plastic metallic surfaces and even ceramics.
150ml pack contains the same amount of paint as a 300ml pack.
Hycote double Acrylics are matched colours
Easy and convenient to use
can be used on plastic, metals and even ceramics
About Manufacturer
Hycote is a British Brand, it manufactures in Royton, Greater Manchester and are only one of the handful of manufacturers left in the UK. They manufacture automotive paint, paint care and maintenance products in the UK since 1982.  Over the past 35 years Hycote has matured into its market.
They first developed products for use in car racing and then quickly extended these to a full range of paint and paimnt care and maintenance products.



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