Marflow Shower Fixing Plate Professional shower installation kit

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The Marflow shower PL8 is the perfect shower fixing on a plate. It can be quickly install accurate pipework for exposed valves with 150mm centres. Supplied complete with brass fitting to connect to the majority of bar shower mixers. 
Accurate pipe work
Quick fix install
Firmly fixed shower
Easy to level
Installation Sequence
1. Fix the MArlow shower PL8 on a nogging or brick/block wall.
2. Install 15mm copper hot and cold feed pipes ensuring they will proturde approximately 60mm from the finished wall surface.
3. Tighten up the clamping nuts.
4. Finish the wall with plaster and  or tiles. 
5. Using a pipe slice cut the copper pipes to enssure that the shower mixer cover plates meet the finished wall.
6. Flush the fipe.
7. Use the fitting supplied to install the shower mixer.
Dimensions: 200mm x 70mm clamp hole 150mm 



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